Safar KI Dua in Telugu

Embarking on a journey fills our hearts with a unique blend of excitement. This holds true whether it’s a short excursion or a long expedition. Yet, amidst the thrill of exploration, it’s natural to seek reassurance and protection. This is where the Safar KI Dua in Telugu, or Traveler’s Prayer, comes into play. In this article, we’ll unravel the essence of Safar Ki Dua in Telugu. We offer a simple and comprehensive guide to ensure your travels are enjoyable, safe.

Understanding Safar Ki Dua:

The Safar Ki Dua is a supplication that Muslims recite before starting a journey. It is a way of seeking Allah’s protection and guidance for a safe and trouble-free trip. Let’s delve into the Telugu version of this prayer. You may be interested in this also: Dua Safar KI

Embarking on a journey, whether short or long, always comes with a mix of excitement and a bit of anxiety. In these moments, reciting the Traveler’s Prayer can bring a sense of peace and protection. This article will guide you through the Safar Ki Dua in Telugu. Ensuring that your travels are not only enjoyable but also blessed with safety.

Telugu Safar Ki Dua:

బిస్మిల్లాహి తవక్కల్తున్ అలల్లాహుమ్మా ఇన్నా నాల్యా మామీలూస్ సురక్కాలూహూ గాలియా మూడాలూహూ ఆనియాహూ వా బిక్రీలూహూ సుబహానహూ వామ్మా ఇన్నా ఆంతా ఆసాసలూహూ కానియాసలూహూ ఆనియా మినన్ నావిర్రోకూలూహూ వాసుబహానహూ వా ఇన్నా ఇన్నా ఆనియాసలూహూ సానియాసలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా సానియాసలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వా వాంగూలూహూ వాంగూలూహూ వాంగూలూహూ


“In the name of Allah, I place my trust in Allah. O Allah, we seek Your protection from the difficulties of the journey, and from the bad and wicked scenes, and from the treacherous companions and from every evil companion on the way. O Allah, make our journey easy for us and let us cover its distance. SubhanAllah! How perfect is Allah, the One who has made this subservient to us, and we were not capable of doing so, and to our Lord we must return.”

Guide to Reciting Safar Ki Dua in Telugu:

  • Begin with Bismillah: The Safar Ki Dua starts with the phrase “Bismillah” which means “In the name of Allah.” This sets the tone for invoking Allah’s blessings and guidance throughout your journey.
  • Trust in Allah: “I place my trust in Allah” emphasizes reliance on Allah for protection. It’s a reminder that our safety lies in Allah’s hands.
  • Seeking Protection: The Dua then seeks protection from various aspects of the journey. These include difficulties, bad scenes, treacherous companions, and every evil on the way. It’s a comprehensive plea for a trouble-free travel experience.
  • Request for Ease: Asking Allah to make the journey easy and swift is a key part of the Dua. It’s a humble request for a smooth and comfortable travel experience.
  • Praise for Allah: The Dua concludes with expressions of praise for Allah’s perfection. It also praises His ability to make the journey subservient to us. It acknowledges Allah’s greatness and our dependence on Him.


Why is Safar Ki Dua important before a journey?

Safar Ki Dua is important as it seeks Allah’s protection and guidance during a journey. It provides a sense of reassurance and peace to the traveler.

Can non-Muslims recite Safar Ki Dua for protection during travel?

Yes, anyone can recite the Dua for protection during travel. It’s a universal prayer seeking safety. The intention behind it matters more than religious affiliations.

Should we recite Safar Ki Dua only in Telugu?

No, the language of the Dua is not restricted. One can recite it in any language they are comfortable with. The key is to understand the meaning and recite it with sincerity.

Before a journey, how many times should one recite Safar Ki Dua?

Although there is no specific number mentioned. We recommend reciting the Dua at the beginning of the journey. Once is enough, but sincerity and focus.


We conclude this guide on Safar Ki Dua in Telugu. It’s essential to recognize the importance of seeking divine blessings before starting. This humble prayer encapsulates the essence of trust in Allah. It seeks protection from potential challenges and requests a smooth and safe journey.

Regardless of your religious background. This supplication is universal. It resonates with the human desire for safety and well-being during travels. So, as you prepare for your next adventure, may the recitation of Safar Ki Dua in Telugu bring you peace of mind. May it pave the way for a journey filled with joy and protection. Safe travels!

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